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Final day in London

Since my last post I've been very busy packing up and getting ready to go. I had my last day in the office on Wednesday, then enjoyed some July 4th festivities with the other American ex pats. I also had my leaving party Wednesday night which was really fun. I was well behaved but certainly cutting loose. A lot of people came out to send me off, which felt really good. We think it was the largest turnout for a leaving party in the whole history of our London office, which says a lot.

I'm sitting at the Wetherspoons down the road from my flat while the cleaning crew goes to work on my filthy former domicile. I may be a tad embarrassed, but I don't really care. When you have to pay £200 for a move out clean you tend to stop tidying up. Let the professionals deal with it! I'm not normally like this, I'm quite clean, but at that expense I wasn't going to lift a finger to "pre-clean" for some professional cleaners that I'll never see again!

Once the clean is done I then wait for the inventory clerk to check me out and agree the security deposit. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that goes well, I've heard that London landlords are pretty brutal about security deposits.

Other than that, I've already taken my luggage over to the hotel, I'm staying the night and flying out tomorrow morning. All that's left to do is grab a few final pints with my mates tonight then try my best to sleep. I barely slept a wink last night, and probably less than 18 hours total over the last four or five days. I was fully packed by about midnight last night but simply couldn't fall asleep, so I went back around to make sure I had everything packed. By around 3am I was tired enough to sleep, but only until 8.

As I said before, I've had an amazing two and a half years living here. I will miss it greatly, but the friendships I've built will last a lifetime, these truly unforgettable friends will always be in my heart. I am trying very hard not to get too emotional about it, I guess I won't really know until I spend a few days back in Chicago, waking up in a new place and expecting some familiarity. I've been spending almost every waking hour of the last few weeks with my best mates, and the time together may be covering up my despair, so I won't have a grasp on my feelings until they're 4000 miles away. But my old friends will be there and we have plenty of catching up to do!

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